Dan Schoonmaker
Software Engineer
Hey 👋

My name is Dan, and you have stumbled on my little slice of the internet.

I was born and raised in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of "upstate" New York, just over an hour north of New York City.

After high school I migrated south to attend university at Coastal Carolina University, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

After school I moved back to New York for a few years to work for IBM before completely giving up on the winter months and moving down to the always sunny Austin, Texas.

Since arriving in Austin in 2012, I have worked for a couple of software companies. I transferred down here with IBM, then I went to work on a social media management platform at Lithium Technologies. We later merged with our cross-town competitors at Spredfast, and went on to change our name to Khoros.

In the summer of 2019, I decided that it was time for my next challenge. I received an awesome opportunity to work with two of my friends from college, and help build their cybersecuity experience training platform at Living Security.

Since my first time playing "office" at my grandparents house, I've always had a strong interest in entrepreneurship. That's always driven my interest in software development and my constant obsession with creating new products. I expect this site to feature a lot of content around that topic, and I hope you enjoy!

CasterKit - A resource for podcasters
Rather than learning all about the podcasting ecosystem by myself in a bubble, I want to share what I've learned the last couple of days so others who just getting started won't need to start at square one as well. This led me to the idea of creating an "open source" list of podcasting tools and services for others to use as an initial starting point.
I finally took the leap and recorded my first podcast episode! Now, as a result of having more free time on my hands this week, I've started researching podcasting tools & resources to help me with the next steps...
Happy Hacktober
What's that? You've never heard of Hacktober? Me either! Well, that is until yesterday, October 1st. Let's investigate this new internet phenomenon together...
Had an amazing time at our @Living_Security team build event yesterday at @K1Speed! Love getting to work with this awesome group of people!
The start of a new chapter!
After 6.5 amazing years, today is my last day working for Lithium Technologies / Khoros. I've had an amazing time working here, with truly some of the smartest, and hardest working people in the world. I can't even begin to describe how much I've grown and managed to learn from them all over the years.
I'm a Product Engineer
I often have a difficult time trying to describe my dream position for this stage of my career. Over the last 3 years I've managed, through a series of fortunate breaks, to put myself in the closest position I could convince my employer to put me. But when I have a discussion with someone about what I "want" to do, I typically just fallback to some boring cookie-cutter industry-wide title such as "frontend engineer". But what if I want to be so much more than that? This is why I'm going to start working towards a new job title for myself, a "product engineer".
ClippPlayer & React-Waves
With the world's growing interest in virtual assistants, I've been wanting to experiment with more audio-based technologies. This is how my original idea for my project got started. I wanted to build something where users could upload audio clips, splice them together, and tell their story.